Critical Report
50 Marks (Worth 20%)

For this assignment, choose any topic related to Youth Justice in Canada and develop a critical
report. The report should be prepared as though it is being disseminated to non-experts in the
broader community. All aspects of your report should be your own original work. If you are found to
have copied and pasted content (i.e.-tables, graphs, charts, sentences other than direct quotations)
from another source, you will receive an automatic 0 on the assignment.

The structure should be as follows:

Introduction (0.5 page) (10 marks)

The introduction should identify the topic of interest, explain the purpose, layout the central
themes and walk the reader through what to expect in the report. Your topic should clearly
relate to youth justice.

Content (2 -3 pages) (20 Marks)

The content section should provide key evidence on the reports topic. There are several ways
to present this informationinfographics, subtitles, tables, charts, text boxes or bullet points in
certain sections. The presentation of this information is a key component of this assignment. A
reminder that a critical report differs from a traditional academic paper, use this content
section to emphasize the facts that are needed. As you are summarizing information from other
sources, you must cite all information that is not your own.

Conclusion (0.5 page) (10 Marks)

The conclusion should summarize and synthesize the report and highlight key themes/concepts
covered within the report.

References (5 Marks)

The references page is separate and includes a minimum of ten (10) references. References can
include a combination of peer-reviewed journal articles, academic books and government
documents from outside of the course. All in-text citations must be included in the reference
list. Citations must be presented consistently and professionally throughout the text. The
reference list and in-text citations must be formatted consistently and correctly.

Style (5 Marks)

The language used clearly and effectively communicates ideas. The writing is crisp, clear, and
succinct. There is a demonstrated understanding of the nuances of a critical report in
comparison to a traditional academic paper. Errors in grammar, spelling, mechanics, and/or
punctuation are minimal. The report is within page limits.

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