4-1 Discussion: Criminal Responsibility
1. You will only focus on part one of the assignment INITIAL POST: To complete this discussion, please base your work on Enron, WorldCom, or another white collar crime story of your choosing. Name the company you selected and briefly summarize the crime. Do you think that the CEOs and other corporate officers involved were justly held criminally responsible or not? Explain your perspective. Do you believe that business can regulate itself to act ethically, or is government oversight a necessity to protect the public from financial wrongdoing? Explain your position. 2. Review attachment 4-1 Discussion: Criminal Responsibility Attachment 3. Review the reading Materials attachments 4. Review the Rubric. 5. According to my professor she want all students use my school library APA format https://libguides.snhu.edu/c.php?g=157152&p=2052660 just in case it ask for you to login

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