After you’ve interviewed your two respondents using the questions here, write up
After you’ve interviewed your two respondents using the questions here, write up the results from your research in about three to four pages (about 750-1000 words). Use citations as appropriate. Feel free to quote your participants. How do your interviewee’s experiences compare to those discussed in the sociological literature? What social processes have led to these experiences? 1) Briefly re-describe the theme you selected in Part 1. Identity development begins at infancy and progresses until it emerges in the teenage years. It has been found that the key goal of many teenagers is to establish a unique identity to prevent misunderstanding in their adult lives. The ethnic identity changes the most in adolescence years and transitions to adult years but remains stable later in life. As adults establish new identities such as family, employees, and married couples, the significance of ethnic identity often diminishes (Pew Research Center, 2020). Ethnic identity development among immigrants follows diverse paths of self-identity. In addition, whereas most immigrants define themselves in national and hyphenated terms in most of their lives, by midlife, they are far more inclined than their American-born peers to change to pan-ethnic personas, enabling them to understand their real identities. 2) Describe your research participants. My two interviewees are both second-generation entities. Their relatives are from the Dominican Republic. One interviewee visits their home country once a year and maintains connections with family there. They speak English and Spanish fluently. My other participant, on the other hand, has never traveled beyond the United States. As a result, they have no close communication with their Dominican relatives. This participant is proficient in English but struggles to speak fluent Spanish. 3) Describe responses to the interview questions. Provide interesting quotations and/or summaries of what your participants said. (Interview questions and quotes of what my participants said attached via pdf) 4) Analyze their responses in terms of the theme you selected. For example, if you selected identity development, did your respondent describe a process that was discussed in any of the class materials? How was their response similar or different? Link your analysis to the literature - what readings or other materials from class (or your own outside research) support the claims that you’re making with your data? 5) End by discussing what you think is the main take away point from your research. For example, are there new or alternate ways of thinking about identity development or assimilation?

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