Artist Essay - SEE BOTH ATTACHMENTS FOR INSTRUCTIONS & RUBRIC Choose any artist referenced in our textbook to research. ARTIST OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM: Johnannes Vermeer Gian Lorenzo Bernini Michelangelo Donatello William Hogarth Eugène Delacroix Jean-Honoré Fragonard Paper Directions This paper should be more than just being "about" the artist. More than a biography. Try to identify a theme or central idea about the artist or his/her artwork (your thesis) and then build the paper around that idea. Reference at least two individual artworks or bodies of work when supporting your thesis statement. Example of a thesis or central idea: Jane Doe, a contemporary still life photographer, smartly couples quirky visual symbols and objects together in her compositions to tell deeply personal, but universally relatable stories from her life. There is a rubric at the end of these directions that will help you structure your paper. You will need to find at least 3 academic and scholarly sources to document, and you will need to use the library. Don’t worry—you can access a great number of our library resources without leaving your home. It is vital that your sources are legitimate, though. I will check your sources. Use whatever citation style you wish—MLA, Chicago, APA. The library resources provided in the module will help you with this if you are unsure how to do this. Include a citation page. Your paper (introduction through conclusion) should be 2-3 pages in length (less than two is too short and more than three is too long) that are double spaced. The paper should be submitted as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file. Please use a standard font like Times New Roman, Calibri, etc. at 12 points. Please, no funny business with the margins. The art works you reference in your paper should be included in an accompanying page. If you are referencing whole bodies of work rather than individual pieces, it may be simpler to provide me a weblink to view the pieces. The research you do should inform your thoughts and help you provide evidence that prove your thesis and that is what gets cited. The words should largely be your own. You absolutely should not simply copy and paste the words of another into your paper. Not cool. No. Canvas has a plagiarism tracker that flags likely plagiarized text, this software works incredibly well, and I will be unable to provide credit for a paper that doesn’t meet the academic honesty standards for original writing. At the collegiate level, you must be able to do the research and then transform that knowledge into your own thoughts and concepts. If you do include a direct quote, be sure to indicate that it is a quotation using quotation marks and then cite your source. The paper should be written well enough so that spelling, sentence structure and other basic mechanics of writing will not be a distraction to the reader. Pages: 2-3 pages for the introduction through conclusion. 1 page for citations Additional pages for reference images RUBRIC: SEE ATTACHED DOCUMENT!

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