As technology becomes more ubiquitous, it brings additional benefits and potenti
As technology becomes more ubiquitous, it brings additional benefits and potential harms to society and often raise ethical questions. Given that technology grows exponentially fast, identify the ethical issues and possible repercussions of your aviation and transportation technology or process. Consider the following topic: Fatigue risk management systems (the balance between working humans past their performance capabilities and managing an safe and efficient transportation network); etc. <
• Write about Fatigue risk management systems and offer a proactive approach with respect to new technological benefits and threats.<
• Include ethical and policy implications of your chosen technology in aviation and transportation, along with your duty to global society as a leader in aviation and transportation to offer best practices and new legislation.<
• Using APA style, cite at least 3 sources, (2 from academic peer-reviewed journals), to support your position.<
In your response to your chosen technology, model ethical and professional behaviors to guide inquiry and practice in a global industry and diverse society: a) Consider ramifications of ethical issues that impact inquiry and practice; b) Evaluate diverse ethical perspectives to guide inquiry and practice; and, c) Integrate professional behavior in all inquiry and practice.<

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