Assignment Guide CW1 – Portfolio including media ‘Product’ (Part 1+Part2) For
Assignment Guide CW1 – Portfolio including media ‘Product’ (Part 1+Part2) For this assignment task you will need to create a portfolio within which you must include the following elements: Part 1: Design and make a media ‘product’ which could be presented on a specified online media platform. Table of Contents Part One (LO4) Title of media product …………………………… number Full Discussion References (part one) number Part Two Title: Commentary on the role and impact of media in 21st Century world A brief introduction of what will be covered in this section……………………………………………….page number ‘Power’ in and around number Contemporary social issues with digital and social number A reflection on media use number Conclusion number References (part two) number Your media product should be ONE of the following: Blog --should adhere to academic writing styles with good citations, references and clear subheadings where necessary. It must be included in the portfolio with clear heading reflecting the title of the blog. Choose one of these topics: 1. The representation of one social group within media 2. Media representation of crime 3. Media representation of health 4. The blurring of the public and private realms in new Media 5. Digital media, social activism and democracy Part 2: Commentary in which you discuss the role and impact of media in 21st century. (1000 WORDS): Your commentary must include the following: 1.    ‘Power’ in and around media - LO2: Discuss and debate the issues of power in and around media. Suggestions about what may be included:  Think about media ownership and the implications in society (why does media ownership matter?;  think about Rupert Murdoch’s media empire and the implication of media power he commands, think about how media industries are overwhelmingly dominated by a few powerful companies and its implication; think about Noam Chomsky – Manufacturing consent and many other theorists; you may also consider  the perspective of Giddens & Sutton and other theorists of your choice. 2.    Contemporary social issues with digital and social media You can demonstrate your understanding of LO1 by discussing the key debates and theories around the character, content, role and impact of media in contemporary societies. Suggestions about what may be included: - some theories explaining contemporary media, think about Karl Max and his followers; think about Gidden and Sutton, Braston and Stafford, Hodkinson and many others; Also, think about the Frankfurt School; Functionalism and media pluralism and many others. Also, think about the positive and negative consequences of digital and social media in  contemporary society.  3.    A reflection on your own media use based on your media diary (LO3) over the semester in relation to the themes discussed on this course (you may use the first person where appropriate). Suggestion about how you might approach this question: Please provide separate references list for part 1 and part2 of your portfolio. Use the Harvard referencing format.

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