Before writing your album review – please look at the sample album review I drop
Before writing your album review - please look at the sample album review I dropped in our Blackboard Lessons Tab entitled "Album Review Sample."  Once you have done that, following these directions:*** 1) Pick 6 of your favorite songs and talk about them similarly to the sample. Talk about things you like, dislike - and have reasons to support what you are typing. 2) Use time-coding. This means when you are at a point of the song that you really like/dislike - tell us where it is in the song so that we know exactly the moment you are talking about (for example - at 2:22 of "Old Town Road" I liked the bass drop...) This will make it easier for everyone to follow what you are commenting about. 3) After you are done with your six-song review - give me an overall review of the entire album as a whole. If you love it - give the album 5 stars. If you hate it - give it 1 star. Be sure to give a reason why you rated it the way you did. Additionally, since we are learning about a new genre each week, I would like you to explain what you learned about the genre and what characteristics set it apart from other popular genres. 4) Respond to another student's review using at least 100 words.  I want this to be an opportunity for everyone in the class to communicate about music and hopefully have quality discussions about whatever album we are listening to that week. You can write as many responses to as many different students as you would like - but you must at least do ONE.

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