Case Study #2 The Shipping Company Scenario:The Brown Co. shipping company is a
Case Study #2 The Shipping Company Scenario:The Brown Co. shipping company is a US delivery company founded in 1907.This organization has evolved into on of the largest global providers of package delivery and logistic services. A major business strategy of this company was to hire mostly part-time workers, which was quite attractive to young employees.This structure offered competitive wages and time off.These employees were considered short term contract workers. This organizations part time worker pool grew to nearly 200,000- working an average of 26-28 hours per week.Many employees stayed for up to 5 years. As time passed, employees got frustrated because of no advancement opportunities and no benefits.They reached out to a Union to negotiate more full time positions. Workers: You are pretty happy.You make a few dollars more an hour than friends who work at other places. You don’t work a long week. If you need time off- you can switch shifts. Big Brown Co: You are making enormous profits…and your employees are mostly satisfied.You can pay people well.Your company is growing! CASE STUDY BREAKDOWN- After reviewing all of the case study, put some though into answering the following questions.I would expect your responses to be about 2 pages in total. What are the goals of each party? Workers- Big Brown Co.- What are some barriers to keeping each party happy? Where do they go from here?What do you think will happen? Have you ever negotiated with your employer? Explain. Requirements: about 2 pages   |   .doc file

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