Case Study Week 5
In chapter 1, we discussed the Evidence Based Practices. Assume you are a staff member who works for a state legislator and you have been assigned to examine organizations and interest groups affiliated with community-based corrections such as the American Probation and Parole Association (APPA). Prepare a report to give to legislatures as to why this approach can work and help probationers/corrections. What good can come from this program and how would you implement it. You can use information from other chapters as well. This case study should be an accumulation of all of the chapters so far. This paper is to be a 1-2 page Summary Paper. Be sure to use complete thoughts, references and Do not Copy/Paste. You are to use your personal thoughts AS WELL AS where you found the “book” information. Make sure not to use Wikipedia or any of the Wiki sites. They are not good references.

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