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Using risk criteria commonly considered in capability submissions (for example, the attached Smart Buyer Matrix), produce a Noting Brief for your PhD that outlines key risks and potential mitigations applicable to LAND 400 this is the question I need from the writer to structure the augment essay like this: Paragraph should be Topic sentence Evidence Analyses/reasoning Linking So what ? Writer, please follow the instruction it’s an Executive Summary from your perspective and there is an example To the paper the writing should be applied in a specific context the structure will be thematic (theme course in word uploaded) 800 words I don’t want history I want facts and detailed to the the question answering the question will have many aspect (break out the question) Conclusion Pull all your summary sentences comments together Restate your clear and unambiguous answer to the question Introduction Use the opening paragraph to set-up for thesis statement What does the reader need to know to enable them to understand the thesis statement and make them ready to accept it? Avoid quotes - not here to be profound new roman 12 on the text all text align left

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