Create a health communication campaign for a health harming behavior : Topic Saf
Create a health communication campaign for a health harming behavior : Topic Safe sex ****There is no minimum or maximum number of pages. Your writing should be concise and succinct, while still appropriately addressing all of the points in the assignment prompt. Please adjust number of pages as needed*** My campaign focuses on safe sex with the target audience being teens and young adults. Assignment : Integrate everything you have learned this semester, and develop a cohesive, concrete, social media communication proposal. If you have been keeping up on your assignments, the project should present no issues for you ( attached are my semester posts-all which scores an A). You can and should use the content and sources from your discussion posts, and the responses you have received throughout the semester. In a real-world context, collaboration and partnerships are key to successful public health campaigns. You will need to carefully read over your previous posts, and see which content to use, and how to present it. You should not just be copying and pasting your posts from the semester into one document- the purpose of this assignment is to synthesize all of the parts of a proposal in order to create a cohesive proposal. You will need to develop an executive summary, and will find some places where you might need to do more research and writing to supplements the work you have already done. For your final project, you will develop a proposal for a social media communication campaign for the health behavior you have chosen. Your project will include the elements we've learned and worked on developing this semester.

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