Hello! I want you to do a political philosophical critical essay. I will send yo
Hello! I want you to do a political philosophical critical essay. I will send you the question you have to answer next Friday 14th, at 9:30 GMT, and you will have until 17:30 GMT to do the 1000 word essay. The question will treat the topic of Political Obligation. The main purpose of your answer will be to connect arguments and approaches in political philosophy that will answer the question, with real world case studies. In the essay you have to show: your depth of understanding of the issues, your ability to critically reconstruct and engage with arguments and debates in the literature your insight into how these arguments and debates connect with case studies and construct original arguments of your own. → THIS ONE IS REALLY IMPORTANT. responses have to be polished, well-structured, and with a well developed and logically constructed argument. Make sure you do a well structured essay, with an introduction which specially shows each paragraph's main argument. It must be clear what the essay intends to do, and how you intend to defend the particular point. On the body structure, each section must have a clear role in establishing the conclusion. For the conclusion, you have to summarize what you have said in the essay and give a clear final answer to the question. EVEN IF THERE IS ONE WEEK LEFT, you have to PREVIOUSLY, hence before Friday, read all the material I am uploading you. Like that you will go straightforward answering the question as soon as I send it to you. The material you have to compulsorily use is: Political Obligation Chapter from Textbook I have also uploaded to you my lecture notes which summarize the chapter from the textbook, however in the Textbook it is more detailed. Political Obligation, Case Study1 Political Obligation, Case Study2 Reading 1 Political Obligation, Chapter 6, Duty and Obligation Rawls Reading 2 Political Obligation, What Is the Problem of Political Obligation? Jonathan Wolff Reading 3 Political Obligation, Why not uncivil disobedience? William E. Scheuerman If you have any questions, please let me know.

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