Hello, my teacher want me to make a protofolio that shows him what i learned fro
Hello, my teacher want me to make a protofolio that shows him what i learned from this course. I have attached all the documents that we covred so you can include it in the protofolio i have also attached a quiz and HW that he want me to include in the protofolio. also during class he asked us to watch some TED talks and now he want us to iclude TED talks in protofolio as well- you can search for TED TALKs and include it in the protofolio- the instructions fro ted talk and what he want exactly is written below please check it. Also, there is link below for cancer Genatics please talk about it in the protofolio. i have written the course abojectives and the topics to make sure you include it in the protoo folio just mention what you learned remmber the point is to show what we learned from each topic Course Objectives:What are the common cellular and molecular mechanisms that are deregulated in cancerous cells, and how does their deregulation contribute to the development of cancer? In what ways do environmental factors influence cancer susceptibility and how may we use this information to prevent cancer? How does cancer manifest itself in the human body? What features of cancer lead to high mortality rates? What is the biological rationale for both traditional therapies and novel targeted therapeutic approaches? What are the benefits and limitations of each option? How advances in biomedical engineering are changing the way of thinking about the underlying causes of cancer and its treatment?Topics Covered Normal cellCancer cellDNA, RNA, ProteinsProteins, Polypeptides, PeptidesFundamentals of cancer cell biology - Where did the beautiful relationship go wrong?Specific rungs of the comparison ladderCancer and EthicsCancer and EducationCancer and EntrepreneurshipCreative/Crazy/Crafty Cancer CuresCancer and Game TheoryCancer and Quantum MechanicsQuorum Sensing - microbiome communications TED TALKS As a curator, you need to be well versed in regards to the content and topic area of your desired area of expertise. What are the various TED talks that address cancer and the big ideas related to Cancer? Watch and provide a summary for as many as you can. Please focus on any TED talks that highlight concepts that we have covered in class so far or that are related to topics that we have mentioned. Please develop a rating/ranking/categorical grouping strategy for the cancer themed TED talks and apply it for the information that you are curating. Provide curriculum guide that has a suggested order in which the TED talks should be watched and also make recommendations regarding the age group for which the information in the TED talk is suitable for (Elementary, Middle, High School, UG, G). This information will be turned in next Thursday and can be included in your portfolio.https://www.wondrium.com/the-genetics-of-cancer Requirements: 7 or more

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