In this final discussion, choose a favorite product (from food, to objects to el
In this final discussion, choose a favorite product (from food, to objects to electronics- your choice), and research it on the internet to look at its implications for power, politics and justice. As examples, we have done this for bottled Fiji water and the iPhone earlier in the course. Your initial reflection should be at least 3 paragraphs and you should respond to or pose a question to at least one other student. Be sure to cite your sources and include a bibliography. And don't rely on a single source, particularly just a company website. They have an obvious dog in the fight. You can include such sites, but also include independent watchdog sites. If you can't find any sources about the company or product specifically, you can still find sites that deal with he product category as a whole. For instance you may not find a independent site assessing Burt's Bees, but you will be able to find independent articles that address make up and lip balms for comparison. Please reach out if you have any questions. Some areas to consider: what resources are used in making this product? Are environmental or human rights issues involved? are workers paid fairly and justly compensated? how is the product transported to market? does it use resources or pollute after purchase? is the product regulated by the government (fairly or unfairly)? how is it disposed of?

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