Learning Goal: I’m working on a cooking & baking discussion question and need an
Learning Goal: I'm working on a cooking & baking discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Q1((in separated files 600 words) Share an introduction for your creation! What was your inspiration? What flavour moulded praline would you design? Is your praline creation filled with a creamy smooth ganache or is it layered to provide texture and additional appeal? What filling(s) would you include? Provide recipe(s) What type of chocolate is used for casting? What is the presentation of the moulded chocolate? Include reference image of your selected praline mould. Provide an ingredient list, method and images. For the images prepare a cross section of your moulded praline as well as the final presentation. Included is an example of a previous student's submission. Use may use it as a reference for your assignment to draw inspiration from but not to replicate. Use this opportunity to be creative!Signature Praline Assignment sample Q2:(in separated files 200 words) Can you identify the personal styles each of these chocolatiers exhibit in their art styles?How does one artist's style differ from the others?Do any of these styles connect or influence your creativity? Q3: (in separated files 200 words) Customer buyer relationships are incredible important in the baking industry. Whether you are buying from your local farm or a large distributor having good relationships with your supplies can be an asset to your business. Discuss several reasons why customer buyer relationships are important as it pertains to the baking industry. Discuss several things that could ruin a good customer buyer relationship. Discuss several things that can help build firm and solid relationships with suppliers. Requirements: 1000

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