Learning Goal: I’m working on a data analytics project and need an explanation a
Learning Goal: I'm working on a data analytics project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Tell me a story. What are the research/business questions that you are addressing?Why is the analysis that you are doing important? Many of the analyses can be in an appendix. Organize the report to follow the research questions. SPSS and Tableau are here to help support, analyze and interpret the business questions. Build a data and business intelligence system using Tableau. Data will be assigned on Marketing and Sales data 100,000 records. Build an SPSS data model.Show queries in SPSSShow graphs and charts in SPSS. Show frequency distributions. Show three crosstabs in SPSSInterpret the data and the results. Show several transformations. Show several analyses of variance. Interpret the results. What are the Attributes, Independent, and dependent variables? What are the dimensions of the model?Build the BI model, a short report on two research questions you created (Please use screenshots of results and your interpretation to follow) Implement the system using the software: Tableau Build the data model Build Dashboards. Interpret the data and the results. Submit the SPSS models and Tableau models in a ZIP file. Team#.doc; Team#.zip (for other materials) Requirements: 1-2 pages   |   .doc file

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