Learning Goal: I’m working on a geography test / quiz prep and need an explanati
Learning Goal: I'm working on a geography test / quiz prep and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Question 31World Desert Locations: the deserts of the world are located both in the low latitudes and in the mid-latitudes. Provide a detailed explanation of the main reasons why low latitude deserts exist (2 pts) and detail explanation of the two reasons for mid-latitude desert exist (4 pts). 6 points total.Low Latitude Desert Reasons (2 pts)Two different reasons for Mid-latitude Deserts to form (4 pts)32.Tropical Rainforest Deforestation: name the climate zone name and the Koppen climate symbol where deforestation is largely happening (2 pts). Name two countries and/or regions of the world this is happening ( 2 pts). Explain in detail on at least two factors that is causing deforestation (2 pts). What are at least two consequences to our environment because of deforestation (2 pts). What are at least two solutions to minimize and reduce tropical rainforest deforestation (2 pts) 10 points total.Climate Zone Name and Koppen Climate Symbol (2 pts)Countries/regions of the world involved with Rain forest Deforestation (2 pts)Two factors that are causing deforestation (2 pts)Two environmental consequence because of deforestation (2 pts)Two possible solutions to lessen the effects of deforestation (2 pts)33.Definitions of Weather and Climate - 4 points totalGive a detail definition of Weather (2 pts)Give a detail definition of Climate (2 pts)34.Desertification: name the climate zone name and Koppen Climate symbol where desertification is occurring (2 pts). Name two different countries/regions in which are affected by desertification ( 2 pts). Provide at least two examples of factors that lead to desertification of a region ( 2 pts). Name two environmental/human affects of desertification (2 pts). Name two possible solutions to lessen the impact of desertification (2 pts).Climate zone name and Koppen Climate Symbol (2 pts)Two different regions/countries in which desertification is occurring (2 points)Two factors that lead to the development of desertification conditions (2 points).Two different environmental/human impact desertification has ( 2 pts)two possible solutions to minimize the impact of desertification (2 pts). Requirements: 1.5   |   .doc file

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