Learning Goal: I’m working on a history case study and need an explanation and a
Learning Goal: I'm working on a history case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.You will create a Concept using any forms of illustrations that expand your discussion in the critical reaction by putting your ideas in conversation with our other class readings. In this presentation, you’ll expand your ideas by suggesting a new way of thinking/creating a new idea based on the readings in conversation with your own ideas and/or experiences. By doing this, you will be expanding and building on the work of these texts, offering your audiences other means of thinking about and through those writers’ texts. You may want to begin by putting together key terms and concepts from these texts to see where your own ideas fit into them. Assume that your audience is your fellow classmates, so make your design choices with this audience in mind.For example, you may ask what is “transnationalism”? then you may develop/create/conceptualize “transnational belonging” as your concept and explain why this concept should work in some specific contexts or speak to the assigned readings. Requirements: Each analysis 250 words

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