Learning Goal: I’m working on a history report and need an explanation and answe
Learning Goal: I'm working on a history report and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.This assignment requires two parts; Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography.Literature Review:Must be at least 6 full pages long(Must be on topic: The Cotton Revolution12-point font; Times New Roman; 1-inch Margins;use at least 5 sources; Double-spaced; Title Page and Work CitedPage/Bibliography [both not counted in amount of pages you write]). Full means that you’re not simply writing to the top or middle of the sixth page, but that you’re fully writing at least to the bottom of the sixth page.Note: Stand-alone, means this assignment focuses on a smallsegment of the literature on a topic (finding at least 5 scholarlysources on the topic listed below are sufficient for this assignment).Use a total of at least 5 Sources written in MLA style.Useful scholarly location for finding sources:https://library.piercecollege.edu/homeAnnotated Bibliography:https://www.scribbr.com/citing-sources/annotated-b...Written on a separate doc or paper from the Literature ReviewMust be at least 5 sources, can be the same as the ones used in the Literature Review.Must be in MLA style. Requirements: Must be at least 6 full pages long for literature review and annotated bibliography must have at least 5 sources

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