Learning Goal: I’m working on a history writing question and need an explanation
Learning Goal: I'm working on a history writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Topic: Alfred Thayer Mahan's naval philosophy and its legacy – Students will be asked to look at the experience of the Alfred Thayer Mahan's naval philosophy through the provided documents and all classroom materials. They will then be asked to examine the legacy of American naval philosophy today through scholarly articles that examine this legacy. In the final paper, students will identify 2-4 legacies of Mahan's in the present day and use the sources on the provided sources related to Mahan's naval powerpower to put together an argument about how these 2-4 identified legacies can be seen in the past sources and can help us understand Mahan's legacy today.Through this assignment, you will examine how we talk about Mahan's legacy today and how we can use that legacy to understand American global power better. You will use the assigned primary, secondary, and tertiary sources (at least five of them). You need to have an introductory paragraph that has a clearly stated and good quality thesis that demonstrates understanding of the topic and connection between the past and the present. This thesis should shape your entire essay and needs to be something that you can prove.The writing portion of the assignment should have both introductory and concluding paragraphs. Requirements: 1200 words, five sources, MLA format

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