Learning Goal: I’m working on a law presentation and need an explanation and ans
Learning Goal: I'm working on a law presentation and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.I am going to make a group speech with my classmates in class. The topic is : Search and Select a company either in the USA or Canada that have been to a lawsuit and share in the class how they over this battle. I need a 400-word speech draft (Easy to follow the structure, smooth transitions, logical organization, to the point. demonstrates full knowledge with explanations and elaboration.)We've decided topic on a lawsuit for the speech, Here's the linkhttps://biv.com/article/2021/08/lawsuit-week-class...https://ca.topclassactions.com/travel/967184-air-c...https://www.reducedmobility.eu/20210827735/TheNews...I was responsible for parts three and four. III. Conclusion : The Verdict/ Decision of the Law suitDiscuss how they resolve the problem.IV. RecommendationWhat do you think about the result of the lawsuit? It is fair or not? If you’re the judge or the one that make the decision, what it is and Why? How the lawsuit should be resolve? Requirements: 400 words   |   .doc file

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