Learning Goal: I’m working on a mechanical engineering discussion question and n
Learning Goal: I'm working on a mechanical engineering discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Problem 1 Consider two bars, one having a circular section of radius b, the other an elliptical section with semiaxis a & b (a > b), as shown. Determine (a) for equal angles of twist, which bar experiences the larger shearing stress (b) for equal allowable shearing stresses, which bar resists a larger torque Problem 2 A hollow thin-wall torsion member (G = 12000 ksi) as shown is subjected to a torque T=100 kips- in. Determine (a) all the shear stress on all members (b) the unit angle change the uint to Metric System (SI)Problem 3 (a) Locate the shear center for the beam cross section with constant thickness += 4 mm, as shown below. The cross section is symmetric about r-axis. (b) If the shear force V, = 5 kN, determine the maximum shearing stress Problem 4 A cantilever beam has the cross section shown below and has a length L = 3.0 m. The design flexural stress is limited to 150 MPa. Determine (a) the allowable bending moment M (b) the deflection of the free end of the beam if the beam is subjected to a moment M = 5 kN•m. E = 200 GPa. Problem 5 The curved beam shown below is made of a metal (E = 200 GPa) that has a yield stress Y = 40 MPa. Determine the magnitude of P to initiate yielding in the curved beam. Problem 6 A column fixed at both ends has a minimum radius of gyration r = 29.4 mm, cross-sectional area A =3230 mm2 , and length 1.94 m. It is made of a material whose compression stress-strain diagram may be approximated by a series of tangent-like segments as shown below. Determine the critical load. Requirements: the answers with full explanations to support and formulas   |   .doc file

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