Learning Goal: I’m working on a operating systems question and need an explanati
Learning Goal: I'm working on a operating systems question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.hello attached below is exactly what I need you to do please to do this assignment, I would need you to change you're vpn to Chicago IL the whole time while working on this project before even login in. I need a total of 15 screenshots step by step in order and you're going to copy and paste all of them on the same word document. I am going to send you my server that is setup through my professor and this link is where you do all the work no where else you do this strictly through my server all you have to do is login and complete what is asking in the document attached. PLEASE ANY QUESTIONS YOU LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY please do not guess and do not make this any harder than it is. THANK YOU I WILL ALSO TIP EXTRA $20 AT THE END OF THE ASSIGNMENT!!!! I will give login and password when accepted !https://gsunetlabve.govst.edu/resplan.cgi Requirements: all 15 screenshots completed

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