Learning Goal: I’m working on a philosophy case study and need a sample draft to
Learning Goal: I'm working on a philosophy case study and need a sample draft to help me learn.Wellness QuizThere are eight dimensions of Wellness. In order to achieve overall wellness one must be balanced in their attempts to achieve optimal wellness. An individual should participate in all eight areas to some degree. The listed activities are believed to be some of the most common among individuals 20-75 years of age. This “test” is only intended to provide insight into one’s strong and weak wellness areas. To complete the quiz, place an X (or the point value) in the appropriate box (daily, weekly, or monthly) for each activity. To score your quiz: give yourself 3 points for each activity marked as daily, 2 points for each marked weekly, and 1 point for each marked monthly. The total for each section should be written on the line following each category. For an overall score add up each section score and place on the line at the end of the quiz. If you never participate in a certain activity, leave that row blank. No points should be listed. After you have completed each wellness area add these scores together to get a grand total.SOCIAL WELLNESSDAILYWEEKLYMONTHLYI invite friends over to visitI seek new friendsI send emailsI attend partiesI play cards with othersI visit neighborsI attend meetingsI go to community eventsI talk to my family membersI make telephone callsSOCIAL WELLNESS TOTAL: ________EMOTIONAL WELLNESSDAILYWEEKLYMONTHLYI cook or bake for funI plan and organize partiesI express my feelings to othersI do handicrafts, woodworking, etcI write poetry or storiesI compose and/or play musicI paint or drawI plan and/or do home decoratingI doodleI participate in the Performing Arts (Music, Drama, Dance, etc)EMOTIONAL WELLNESS TOTAL: ____________PHYSICAL WELLNESSDAILYWEEKLYMONTHLYI work in the garden or yardI take walks or runI stretchI danceI ride a bicycleI fish, hunt, or campI do aerobicsI lift weightsI take part in active sportsI exercisePHYSICAL WELLNESS TOTAL: _________SPIRITUAL WELLNESSDAILYWEEKLYMONTHLYI read the Bible or religious textI say a prayerI meditateI watch children at playI listen to musicI bird watchI travel or go sight-seeingI people watchI see playsI go to concertsI show respect to othersI search for meaning or purpose in lifeSPIRITUAL WELLNESS TOTAL: __________INTELLECTUAL WELLNESSDAILYWEEKLYMONTHLYI watch intellectual stimulating shows on tvI study another languageI discuss controversial topicsI go to the libraryI do puzzles, word finds, etc.I keep up on current eventsI go to community eventsI take time to answer questions from othersI join in online discussionsI readI search for info. on the webINTELLECTUAL WELLNESS TOTAL: ________FINANCIAL WELLNESSDAILYWEEKLYMONTHLYI balance my checkbookI am aware of my financesI learn about investment optionsI develop a spending planI don’t stress about my financesI monitor my credit card useI discuss the economy with othersI maintain a balanced budgetI make good consumer choicesI try save moneyFINANCIAL WELLNESS TOTAL: __________ENVIRONMENTAL WELLNESSDAILYWEEKLYMONTHLYI recycleI am aware of my surroundings at all timesI avoid second hand smokeI respect the environmentI keep the company of healthy peopleI engage in environmentally responsible activitiesI do not polluteI take care of my possessionsI recognize environmental hazardsI conserve energyENVIRONMENTAL WELLNESS TOTAL: __________VOCATIONAL WELLNESSDAILYWEEKLYMONTHLYI volunteerI workI achieve balance between work and leisureI share my knowledge with others verballyI help with community or environmental projectsI seek personal satisfactionI learn new skillsI seek new interests or hobbiesI share my skills with others physicallyI appreciate what I doVOCATIONAL WELLNESS TOTAL: ________ TOTAL SCORE: ______Total ScoringUnder 100 ………… You need to start working onimproving your health101 – 120 ………… You should improve your overallHealth121 – 160………… You seem to have a good balance inyour life 161 – 190 ……….. You have a pretty advanced balance ofWellness191 + ……………. Keep up the great work, you are wellon your way to optimal wellness Credit is given to Dr. Norma Stumbo and her creation of the “How Balanced is your Leisure” activity found in her Leisure Education Workbooks. RubricCAT Assignment (4) (2)CAT Assignment (4) (2)CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeQuality of Written Content5 ptsProficientWritten content is free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.3 ptsAdequateWritten content has fewer than five (5) grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.0 ptsSubstandardWritten content contains more than five (5) grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.5 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSubmission Timeliness5 ptsProficientSubmitted by 11:59 of specified due date0 ptsSubstandardNo submission5 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCompletion5 ptsProficientFully completes all aspects of the assignment3 ptsAdequateMisses 1 of the elements of the assignment0 ptsSubstandardMisses 2 or more elements of the assignment5 ptsTotal Points: 15 Requirements: Answer   |   .doc file

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