Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing exercise and need a sample draft to help
Learning Goal: I'm working on a writing exercise and need a sample draft to help me learn.topic: what is the importance of personal identity in the 21st centuryNOTE! I already have a draft of the research paperLength and Scope of Research PaperYour research paper must be 5-6 content pages in length not including Works Cited [works cited pages are extra], typed in MLA8 format with a Works Cited page. [Total 6-7 pages.]Types of Sources to UseThere must be a minimum of 3 non-print database sources for your research project from GCC's library databases. Remember print and other hardcopy sources as well as websites are not permitted for this assignment at all. If there is a print source you want to use, you MUST locate it in a digital format otherwise you may not use it. The following are types of sources you may use:Articles from databases such as Academic Search Complete, ProQuest, CQ Researcher, JSTOR, available through GCC’s library You may not use:Gale Virtual Reference Library Britannica Academic Wikipedia websites print books, print newspapers, print journals, print magazines You must use at least 2 different databases. You may not get all your sources from just 1 database, and you may not use just 1 author for all your sources.Things to CheckBefore you upload your completed paper, proof-read and edit carefully for:Effective hook Background information Strong thesis statement Essay formatting Pagination header Centered title Paragraphing and indenting In-text citations in MLA8 format Works Cited in MLA8 format MLA8 citations Grammar--all aspects Missing words--logic Spelling Punctuation Organization of information Minimum page count Requirements: 6-7 pages

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