Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing project and need support to help me lear
Learning Goal: I'm working on a writing project and need support to help me learn.My topic is about 1. Results (800 words)- Describe the data analysis procedure used in SPSS (e.g., statistical operations performed to test the relationships of interest)- Report the descriptive statistics for all of your variables.- Any tables or figures may be inserted directly in the text.- You are to complete the analytic process and document your findings. THIS MEANS: For each RQ, you must demonstrate competence in the statistical techniques covered this semester. Specifically, you must provide evidence (in appendix as necessary) of the following:- frequencies and descriptive statistics for all variables- crosstab (Chi-square)- either t-test or ANOVA with post-hocs- factorial ANOVA * (not required, but possibly useful)- either correlation or regression- Inter-coder reliability indices- Report your results by research questions. For example:In answering RQ1 that asks about the use of Facebook, the study shows that 80% of the respondents check Facebook “several times a day.” …- You can use Tables (especially for regressions) and Figures as you see fit, but keep SPSS output to a minimum in your actual report. Be systematic in your reportage and be sure to use proper statistical indicia throughout. Please keep in mind that the point of this final project is to be direct and concise regarding your findings Requirements: More than 800 words

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