Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing project and need support to help me lear
Learning Goal: I'm working on a writing project and need support to help me learn.Polishing a design proposal paper. In the paper, I use CASA contents. My prof needs me to cite it from the class resource. The attached file, The Media Equation is the class resource, please cite CASA accurately. Please modify the article based on my feedback.Paper Formatting & Length - To iterate: all papers should be double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, using Times New Roman, Font Size 12. A title page is not required, but certainly welcome. Again, if working alone, your paper should contain at least 12 pages of text content (not counting graphics, figures, references, or appendixes). If working in a team of two, your paper should contain at least 16 pages of text content. Please submit your paper as a PDF. Failure to adhere to the above will result in a minimum -5% penalty to your assignment grade.References & Citations - per APA style guidelines, all papers should included appropriate in-text citations of any sourced ideas. For instance, instead of "as we read in class, the Media Equation states...", you should give an in-text citation (e.g., "Reeves & Nass, 1996", also including a page number if using a direct quote). All cited works should then also be listed in an APA-formatted "References" section at the end of your document. Feel free to visit the excellent Purdue OWL website for additional information on these items. Requirements: 17 pages

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