Learning Goal: I’m working on a writing question and need an explanation and ans
Learning Goal: I'm working on a writing question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.I put these five questions on slideshow, so I need the answer as a script because I will read it when I record the presentation. so there should be five answerswhat is your comfort level with presenting in the 21st century? Describe your level of public speaking anxiety. Do you prefer public speaking in more traditional, in-person environments, or do you enjoy the technology-driven presentations of the 21st century? Why do you think it will be important for you to be able to do both successfully? Describe the way you now approach preparing for a presentation. What have you learned about preparing for a speech based on the presentation ecosystem? Discuss your thoughts on the three elements of the presentation ecosystem. Which piece or pieces are you most comfortable with? Which piece or pieces will need additional practice in the future? What are the top 3 most important lessons you learned from your experience in SPCH 219 Requirements: 1 page   |   .doc file

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