Long essay (7-8 pages total length, could be thought of as 2 short papers): This
Long essay (7-8 pages total length, could be thought of as 2 short papers): This assignment is an opportunity for you to put significant thought into a subject/topic of your choice based on two (2) of the readings (as in 4 pages each review), in the Debbie Lewer text. THESE READINGS/ARTWORKS DO NOT NEED TO BE COMPARED or related to each other in chapter/content, though they certainly can be related to one another if you desire. Choose two readings (not entire chapters) to review. In addition to the essay format used in class, this assignment will better prepare you for more formal written reports that are increasingly important in the corporate sector as well as the academic setting. The review of the 2 articles should keep in mind these questions/points/ structure: * What are the main points of each article: topic, thesis statement, argument etc.? * What supports the argument/thesis and these other points, what examples are used? PLEASE DO NOT RELY ON QUOTATIONS FROM THE TEXT, only short references please, if at all, make this your own work. Also, there is no need to use information outside the text, if you do, please footnote properly according to your discipline standard (but please be consistent). Then choose two (2) artworks (1 image per article) NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR TEXTS but from the timeframe of the class, and address the relationship between the theories that you have read, and the practice that is presented in the objects. The discussion of the artworks should use the theories and/or ideas you get from the articles and your other course materials/textbooks. Discussion of the works you choose is also primary, not just “and here’s an example.”

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