Program assessment
In PA, there exists a system of quality rating referred to as Keystone STARS. This scaled system hails as a way for families to make informed decisions about enrolling their child. Should you interview to work at a center, preschool, Head Start or other early childhood program, you will become a part of this system. Learn more about it with this assignment. 1) Review the Keystone STARS 2020-Keystone-STARS-Performance-Standards-8.1.2020 (1).pdf On page 4, it describes the structure of the system and how an EC program can move up through the various levels in quality. In order to be designated as the highest quality, STAR 4, you must meet indicators in all four categories: Staff Qualifications (SQ), Early Childhood Education Program (EC), Family and Community Partnerships (FC,) and Leadership and Management (LM), based on a point system. 2) At the STAR 3 and 4 levels, choose one indicator from each of the 4 categories. Describe the standard and why you think it is important to the assessment of a program. Typically, on a bi-annual basis, an independent assessor visits the program and observes 1/3 of the classrooms and provides an objective and unbiased score. This is figured in to the overall metric as to whether or not a program may be designated at a higher level. This program assessment is called the Environmental Rating Scale(ERS) or the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) and is used in all ages of classrooms with Infants through School age children. 3) Research and review the indicators for the ERS and CLASS systems and compare. 4) Write a 1-2 page paper, detailing your findings in both the Keystone STARS standards and the ECERS or CLASS checklist. It is expected that you will research the environmental rating scale and/or CLASS checklist, using at least one add'l source. In your conclusion, decide whether or not you think this is an adequate system to determine the quality of an early childhood program. 5) Be sure to cite your resources

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