Qualitative Article Analysis
Use attached template and APA citation style. Choose 1 qualitative article and compose a 3-page review (not including the reference page in the count). Your review must include 2 sections (using Level I headings in current APA): (1) a summary of the article, and (2) a critical analysis of the article. All articles must be of studies conducted and published in the United States or Canada within the past 5 years. Your summary must include:  The purpose of the study;  A descriiption of participants/sample;  The research design/data analysis (narrative, grounded theory, case study, phenomenology, ethnography, etc.);  The method of data collection (questionnaire, document analysis, observation, open- ended or structured interview, etc.);  Analysis (Inductive/deductive approach, point of focus, summaries, memoing, indexing, coding, grouping, themes, order of analysis, type of analysis (content, narrative, discourse, framework, grounded theory), and  The results. Your analysis must include:  Opportunities for further research not already stated in the article,  Threats to validity or undocumented bias (credibility, transferability, dependability, confirmability) on the part of the researcher(s),  Other original insight or criticism, and  Implications of the findings. See your textbook if you need more help evaluating your article. Remember to include a reference page. All citations and references must be in current APA format.

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