The solution should focus on feasibility (it can be achieved with available reso
The solution should focus on feasibility (it can be achieved with available resources) and implementation (how it should be completed). This essay will include not only why this solution is necessary, but how it will actually occur. The writing should be formal, clear, and concise when addressing the target audience responsible for enacting this change. Consider using a process analysis organization to identify steps in the solution and target those steps at a specific audience. The government is NOT your audience. They may be part of the process or even mentioned in the conclusion as needing their involvement, but your audience needs to be more purposeful and targeted to who would care enough to see this action happen. For example, instead of arguing that higher education courses should be offered in correctional facilities, a proposal would develop a plan for implementing higher education courses with research that supports how and why this program would be significant for the students involved. The research for this proposal MUST include: TWO (2) CPCC Library Research Databases One (1) video or podcast Two (2) CHOICE sources (i.e. online newspapers, organization websites, database sources, videos, interviews, studies, surveys, etc.) The essay must integrate at least FIVE (5) outside sources that meet the criteria above.Students should NOT use more than SEVEN (7) sources. The document and citations must be formatted according to MLA 8th edition guidelines. The essay must be at least six (6) pages long - this does not include the Works Cited page. The essay must be written in third person with the appropriate language and mechanics. The essay must be submitted as a Word or PDF document by 11:59pm on Wednesday, July 6.

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