Topic:Health care policy in the United States I wanted to give you a little guid
Topic:Health care policy in the United States I wanted to give you a little guidance on how to structure the paper The two basic approaches are as follows: choose one approach. ( approach chosen: 2 Advocacy) 1. Explanatory. Identify a policy problem or issue. Provide an analysis that EXPLAINS why we observe the policy outcomes that we do. What are the causes? What are the forces that explain why the policy operates the way it does. 2. Advocacy. Identify a problem and a few realistic potential solutions and then pick one and make a case for why it is the best or should be the first thing policymakers do. For example, the Social Security trust fund is quickly running out of money. There are only about 2-4 serious ways to address this problem. Which one shows the most promise and has a chance of actually being passed by Congress? Notes 1. Explanatory - explain to us the politics. Think back to the politics of public policy process that explains why we have the policies in place that we have - what are the kind of policy traps think back to weaver -weaver is a great model in our study of welfare policy because we aver gives he’s explaining but why do we have the wealth mix of why does the AFDC look the way it does - why can't we change it: well here are the reasons why it's hard to change it - and here's how indecent stains , for example, it was changed that's another part of his book but your analysis might be just more “why are we where we are” , what’s one of the big factors in the public opinion is it budget constraints, is it vested interest like put to work some of those political concepts that we have early. 2. Advocacy - the other style paper is a kind of advocacy paper - you are trying to promote a position saying we should do X - here's the existing policy - here's how and why it should change - you also have to explain why alternatives - think of back to economists and opportunity costs, why alternatives are not going to you know hard better, why your proposal is better than some other alternatives Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with questions.

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