Using the case study of Everett (IEPs and video observations provided), students
Using the case study of Everett (IEPs and video observations provided), students will review and analyze his current and previous IEP, evaluate and analyze the educational opportunities of a child with a similar profile and academic needs in urban vs rural districts in the US and provide recommendations on how inclusive practices can be promoted in any school. Part I: Review and Analysis of child’s IEP (5 points) Using Everett’s IEP review and analyze his overall performance, strengths, and weaknesses in all domains of development (cognition, communication, social-emotional, physical development, and adaptive) as described in his IEP. Additionally, provide information regarding his motivation, engagement, and necessary modifications. BE EXTREMELY ACCURACY AND LOOK FOR WHAT THE CHILD NEEDS. Do not use subjective words and statements like: Everetts is a happy child. This is completely irrelevant. You may not cut and paste from the IEP. This is considered plagiarism. You need to write all of this on your own. Part II: Evaluation and analysis of educational opportunities in rural vs urban settings (5 points) Evaluate and analyze the educational opportunities including issues of access and equity as they relate to supports and services this child might have in an urban school district (such as NYC DOE) compared to a rural district in the US. Reflecting on how the educational services and provisions differ in both scenarios (provide at least three examples). Part III: Conclusion and recommendations regarding promoting inclusive practices Provide an analysis of what you learned about inclusion (the discrepancies and overall school culture), especially as it relates to appropriately educating students with special needs. Based on course materials-provide at least three recommendations or areas of further explorations to enhance positive outcomes for students in inclusive settings. Use the following videos for the assignment clicking on the links and make sure to not be signed into a gmail account. Everett- Targeting Final Consonants: SLP providing info about the device: Everett Story Retelling with NovaChat 8: THIS IS THE VIDEO EXPLAINING IN DEPTH THE RUBRIC AND WHAT YOU ARE DOING FOR THIS ESSAY!! PLEASE WATCH!! Final Project Case Study Explaining the project:

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