Write a 2–3 page proposal in which you evaluate and make recommendations for a p
Write a 2–3 page proposal in which you evaluate and make recommendations for a provider you have chosen in terms of safety, quality, and evidence-informed health care by doing the following: Choose a health care provider—nursing home, hospital, home care, etc. Using the search function on Medicare.gov to review your provider's measures on safety, quality, and evidence-informed health care. Pay attention to the publicly reported outcomes on mortality, rehospitalization, and infection rates, as well as patient satisfaction and preventive care. Note: If you have chosen a home health provider, use the Home Health Quality Measures website to review their home health quality measures. Identify other providers in the same geographic area, review their outcomes, and compare your provider (e.g., search by Zip code). Determine how these outcomes impact this provider as a potential member for a health system, Accountable Care organization, or as a contender to obtain population health contracts. Based on the reports, determine which quality initiative the providers should address through evidence-based practices, such as safety, quality, rehospitalizations, mortality, etc. Would your provider be the desired member of a system? What is your recommendation for this provider to improve their outcomes in order to improve reimbursement and to become a desirable member of a system of providers? Use the Strayer Library to find at least two academic resources. The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is: Evaluate healthcare data, outcomes, and potential improvements in relation to safety, quality, and evidence-informed healthcare.

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