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-Research next steps considering both above situations. -Research and find 4 articles that support your position. -Attach the links to your paper. -The paper shall be 2 pages on each scenario. The paper will answer the following: 1. What would you do? 2. How shall you proceed? 3. What are the legal considerations and implications for the ARNP when addressing “anti kickback” concerns? 4. What are the legal considerations and implications for the ARNP when addressing HIPAA concerns? 5. What are the ethical issues that need to be considered in both scenarios? 6. Provide citations and references and research supporting your response. Scenario 1: Getting paid for your skills as a professional. What if you were to send patients to a facility and that facility paid you from profits gained. You were paid for each referral. You know of many colleagues who make money this way. They often tell of how they make more money doing this than their actual practice as a nurse practitioner. Scenario 2: Helping a friend with necessary information. Your friend’s mom was seen in the facility where you work as a nurse practitioner. You know, your friend is the primary caregiver, and your friend needs to know how to plan the next steps in giving care for mom. These plans will be based on the condition of the mom. Your friend has worked hard in caring for mom and has not received any help from mom’s other children. There is no healthcare surrogate nor proxy in place and your friend asked you to give mom’s exact diagnosis and other information that would help in planning proper care.

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